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Aqua Core Water Pillow
No. ch101

Aqua Core Water Pillow

AquaCore Therapeutic Support Water Pillow - - for incredible sleeping comfort.
White 26 x14.5 in.
- $87.50 + $8.95 S/H
US$101.45 Qty.
  • The AquaCore™ Pillow combines a soft, down-like feel with therapeutic water and foam to give you the perfect tool for continuing good health and sleeping comfort. The water-based Therapeutic Comfort Chamber, nestled between twin Loft Fiber Chambers, helps relieve neck pain or discomfort. Vary the amount of water you use and add the foam cervical insert to sustain your body in its proper, natural state. Features: new-generation fiber fill; 100 percent cotton, 200-thread-count fabric; low- and high-loft fiber channels; removable therapeutic Comfort Chamber with water displacement channel; cervical insert; machine washable. Dimensions: 26" x 14.5". Color: white. Made in USA. Sorry, no gift wrap on AquaCore Water Pillow.

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